Designer Resources

Our Designer Resources Are Here To Answer Your All Of Your Project Questions!

How Will The Sturdy Act Affect Design?

From an aesthetic standpoint there should not be much impact. Compliance stickers can be located inside the drawer. The critical aspect of the Sturdy Act will be ensuring the install teams connect the anti-tip straps on the back of the pieces.

What Challenge Do You See Most Often Overlooked?

Ingress! A proper mobility saves time and headache, and it’s a misstep we see often.  As the fabricator, we seek detailed pathway dimensions, as well as VIF measuring when possible.

How We Spec Materials

We meticulously select materials to ensure a modern, timeliness style with sustainability and durability always in mind for clients.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Embracing sustainability in our hospitality furniture manufacturing, we prioritize eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient processes, and durable designs that minimize waste and promote longevity. By incorporating renewable resources, reducing carbon footprint, and fostering responsible sourcing, we aim to enhance both guest experiences and environmental stewardship, ensuring a harmonious balance between luxury and sustainability in every room.

What are your Sustainability Credentials?

We are up to date on environmental and ergonomic regulations, including:

• TSCA Title VI (March 4, 2024 implementation date)
• Sturdy Act (Sept 1, 2023 implementation date)

We are members of the MindClick ESG reporting community.