Ideation: Where Creativity Takes Flight

At LCH, every project begins with an idea. LCH receives requests in myriad forms. While fully developed specifications are welcome, we also thrive on napkin sketches, photos, or simple conversations. As open communicators, we excel at listening to our clients' needs. Together, we chart the pathway to success.


Living Budgets, Real Time Solutions

LCH budgets are real-time, living documents. LCH bids are updated as design parameters change. This approach allows us to maintain a firm grasp of your budget expectations throughout the project lifecycle.

As part of the much larger Samson whole, LCH uses economies of scale as leverage when costing commodity inputs. We are also able to access the commodities themselves, when others struggle. LCH has been unaffected by ‘supply chain disruptions.’ Working under the Samson umbrella provides access and stability.

Each and every single LCH piece is commercially complaint with relevant legal codes. This includes but is not limited to both the Sturdy Act as well as the TSCA Title VI. We do not add fees to pass code.


Sampling & Material Review

LCH prioritizes precision in Sampling and Material Review (MR) processes. Our Project Managers utilize CAD to meticulously draft furniture designs. Maintaining direct communication between our Design team and document creators ensures every nuance of design intent is accurately captured.

Both physical prototypes and shop drawings undergo rigorous approval processes prior to fabrication.

Additionally, LCH provides Field Technicians at our expense to facilitate smooth model room installations. Our skilled technicians navigate jobsites adeptly, even in unionized environments.


Production & Quality Assurance

At LCH, our production timelines typically span 10-12 weeks before shipping begins. We take pride in our agility, readily mobilizing exceptional change-agent resources when required.

Every project is overseen by a dedicated LCH Project Manager based in the US, who maintains regular communication with our PM team in Vietnam. This collaborative approach ensures seamless coordination throughout the production process.

Our commitment to quality assurance is unwavering, with dedicated LCH staff in Vietnam diligently monitoring every aspect of production to ensure the highest standards are consistently met."


Delivery & Installation

Our logistical services play a pivotal role in every project we undertake. As part of the Samson family, we leverage the advantages of contractual oceanic shipping. We partner with renowned freight carriers including Wan Hai, Yangming, Evergreen, and Cosco to ensure stable container rates, availability, and transparent tracking throughout the shipping process. Our shipping scale affords us the flexibility of multiple port options, reflecting our agile approach to logistics. We manage overland freight for site delivery, facilitated by our dedicated in-house logistics team.


Process Summation

At LCH, we consider a project truly complete when all items have been delivered, installed, and are fully operational. Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond project completion; we remain 'on call' until all parties are delighted with the results of our work."